Car Donation Helps Families and Creates Memories

Shawntice Thomas used to get her three children up early every morning in order to get to the bus stop and then on to day care.

Afterwards, Shawntice needed to wait for another bus and risk being 30 minutes late to work if transfers didn’t work out just right.

Public transit routes with buses that arrived every half-hour forced Shawntice to make a lot of hard choices.

To avoid being late to work in the mornings – or 45 minutes late to pick up her seven-year-old daughter, Aniya, in the evenings Shawntice began paying $130 each week to a neighbor in exchange for a ride.

That worked until a new work schedule made it impossible for the helpful neighbor to continue with the arrangement.

Thanks to a donor, though, Shawntice gratefully received a 2007 Ford Focus from V. She is now able to get to work on time every day.

Not only that, but she is now able to go on more local family adventures with Aniya, three-year-old Theodore, and one-year-old Ariane.