A Journey Worthwhile

Donald Spadavecchia made a very special trip to Vehicles for Change. However, this trip wasn’t just your average ride around the corner.  Mr. Spadavecchia traveled over 4,000 miles from Hawaii to pick up his 2004 Chevy Astro Van.

“I did a google search for this particular type of vehicles that I wanted and it came up on, “Spadavecchia said. “From there I made the calls and contacted Kim.” Why did he travel so far for this type of car? Good question. Spadavecchia needed a specific vehicle that suited his business needs. The van had low mileage, looked exceptionally clean and well taken care of which prompted Spadaveccchia to take the trip.“I feel great that my purchase is going towards and helping this organization,” said Spadavecchia. “The people here are professional and courteous and it helped my confidence in the product I was purchasing due to the way I was treated.”