Car Donations Change Lives

There is much more benefit to donating a car to charity than just getting a tax write-off at the end of the year. The impact donating a car can have for an impoverished family is immeasurable.It is certainly admirable to donate food, clothing, or toys, to the poor … but providing those in need with a means of transportation can help them to get out of poverty for good.

How car donations can help those in need

Here are some of the impacts of car donations:

Car donations benefit a variety of people who are experiencing hardships of all kinds. Low-income families confined to poverty because of low paying jobs are often in greatest need.

Veterans are also in need, as they often suffer from disorders and disabilities that make it difficult for them to raise the money for a car. They can become trapped in a cycle of poverty. All those caught in poverty for any reason are unable to improve their lot in life … often because they have no means of transportation that could open up better options.

When a family receives a car from a charity or purchases one for a reduced price, they are buying a means of mobility. A car is an independent mode of transportation that frees families from dependency on public transit and allows families to go long distances, saving time that they might have spent on day-to-day activities, such as going to the grocery store.

When parents own a vehicle, children can participate in extracurricular activities without having to worry about getting home. In addition, families can take trips and expose their children to more of the world, by visiting the beach, the mountains, and other new and exciting places.

This new means of transportation also allows families to look for better-paying jobs that were previously unavailable because of transportation difficulties.  Owning a car enables workers to get to work on time every day; with a car, workers can control when they leave, as well as working at better-paying offices or factories farther away from home

How car donation charities work

Charities like Vehicles for Change make it their priority to help families escape from poverty. Make sure the charity you choose is tax exempt and always donates its cars and proceeds to families in need. Be sure to check to see how much of the value of your donation will actually go to help a deserving person.

One way to determine a charity’s worthiness is to find out what they do with car donations. Some charities repair and sell the cars to impoverished people for very reduced prices, while others simply sell the cars for as much as possible and use the money to benefit those in need. Decide for yourself which method is most effective in bringing about positive change in your community, and donate your car to the company that will do the most good.

Learn more about the positive changes car donations can make by contacting Vehicles for Change to get more information. We exist to help you help others.