Car for the Mechanic

Robert Butler was a Full Circle Service Center intern for two months. He came to Full Circle with auto body experience, and was able to expand his automotive knowledge. With the help of Full Circle, he landed a job at Bel Air Auto Body where he works with another previous intern on automotive body work.
Robert lives 30 miles from his job at Bel Air Auto Body, and it is difficult getting there everyday without a car. Since Robert does not have transportation, his boss takes him to work and back. He has to leave whenever his boss does, which can mean leaving earlier or later than he wants to. A new car will give him the opportunity to work a second job to get more income.

Robert has to take Ubers four days out of the week to get groceries and run other errands. This can cost him at least $25 one way. Robert’s new car will make this much easier, and he will also be able to run errands for his aunts and grandma. Robert has not seen his grandma in a long time, so he plans on using his new car to visit her in North Carolina.