Caring for her Autistic Children

Angela is a busy mother to four children, ages 10, 6 and two 3-year-olds. Her twins were born premature and have autism. Not being a car owner puts a huge burden on her already hectic life. To get to work, Angela either asks for a ride from her mother or takes an Uber. Transportation costs her around $100 weekly, an expense she can barely afford. Additionally, she has to rely heavily on her family to do every day errands. Uber and taxis do not provide car seats, so her grandmother must drive her to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments and anywhere she needs to go. Doctor’s appointments are extremely important for her two autistic toddlers. They have developmental and behavioral therapy three times a week, but they are often late or miss these appointments all together.

This car award will change this struggling family’s life. Angela will be able to be a better, more independent mother to her four children. Her older children will participate in after-school activities like football and cheerleading. But, most importantly, her twins will never have to miss a doctor’s appointment again. They will be able to get the proper care they need for their disability. Angela will be able to use the money she was spending on transportation to better her children’s lives for years to come. She is also excited to have fun, family outings with her kids. She plans to take them to the DC Zoo!