Saving Money on a Sitter

LaAsia is a hardworking mother of three young children, ages 2, 3 and 5. Without a car, it is very difficult for LaAsia to get to work and take her children to daycare and camp. In order to solve her transportation issue, she must hire a sitter who feeds her children in the morning, drops them off at daycare and camp and brings them home in the afternoon. This service costs her $200 a month in addition to her bus passes and cab rides. LaAsia works at the Center for Addiction Medicine and recently got a raise.  For her new position, she will not have to travel to patients homes to follow up for after car. This will require a car and without one, she might lose this job.
This car award is extremely important to LaAsia. She will be able to spend more time with her three, young children and take them to and from daycare and camp. Additionally, she will be able to improve her financial situation. She will no longer have to pay for a transportation sitter, buses, and expensive cabs. At work, she won’t have to worry about traveling to a client’s home and possibly losing her new job. LaAsia would also like to get a second job to further develop her financial security. She also plans to use her car to take her children to visit their father in DC and go to Six Flags!