Children’s Lives are IMPACTED! Consider Donating Your Car

While they may not be of driving age, children’s lives are greatly impacted by organizations like Vehicles for Change. Donating your car not only allows parents to gain better employment, but it allows kids to do better in school, attend afterschool activities, and have better overall health. The following are several ways donating your car helps children.

  • Parents have mobility. A car donation gives the recipient a means of private transportation, which can enable them to make a number of changes in their life. For example, a new car can enable the breadwinner of a family to find higher paying job opportunities farther from home, allowing him or her to provide for the children more effectively and to foster a better home life and stronger family ties.
  • Children improve in school. Having a car means that parents can drive their children to school when necessary and pick them up afterwards. While the bus is a good option, circumstances can make it hard to catch the bus, so having a car is necessary for a child to get to school on time. Having a car also means that trips to the grocery store can be made quickly and without having to bring the kids on a long walk. This allows parents to go to the store with their children quickly when necessary, and allows the children more time to do homework and study to improve their grades.
  • Students attend after school activities. Children who want to play a sport or join a club do not have the opportunity if their family doesn’t have a car, as they are constricted to leaving and arriving at school with the school bus. With a car, however, children can attend and excel in extracurricular activities. Some receive college scholarships for their athletic abilities, a feat which would have been impossible without a car to drive the children to and from practice.
  • Children remain healthy. Lack of health insurance is not the only thing preventing children from getting regular healthcare. Parents without a car cannot take their children to doctor’s appointments on a regular basis, and don’t have the flexibility to reschedule appointments if they can’t make their original appointment. With a car, parents can take their children to regular checkups, dentist appointments, and other healthcare appointments. This ensures they remain healthy and strong and do not suffer unnecessarily from illnesses due to lack of transportation.
  • Families have formative experience. Part of childhood for many people is traveling with their family, learning about different parts of their country and enjoying different natural settings. Families without independent transportation can’t take such trips, but by donating your car, you allow children to experience a day at the beach, the mountains, or other places that open their eyes to the natural world around them.

By donating your car, you not only provide families with a chance at better job opportunities and an escape from poverty, but you could have a permanent impact on a child’s life. To find out more about how to donate your car, contact Vehicles for Change.