Questions About Vehicle Donations

Vehicles for donation to charity: do they have to in good mechanical condition? Do donated vehicles have to run at all?Can you donate a motorcycle to charity? How about a hybrid vehicle, a boat, and RV, or a car that needs repairs?

Let’s take a look at those vehicle donation questions

There are two basic ways in which charities can ensure that less fortunate people benefit from vehicle donations.

The first is essentially a car auction, and is more commonly done by non-specialized charities that handle a wide variety of donations. Donated cars that are sold through auction are donated in any condition and sold to the highest bidder.

Even if a car is completely non-functional, it can be purchased by a car restorer or someone who will break it down and use the parts. Some cars for charity end up being sold for their parts, and are subsequently sent to a scrap yard; even these provide some relief for families in need.

The other option for car charities is to repair the cars and sell them to persons in need for a reduced and affordable price. Cars donated to these charities must be in working condition, or only require moderate repairs.

The charity that receives the car will inspect it and ensure it is up to standard and safe to drive. They will then make it available to an impoverished family for a much lower price than that family is likely to find elsewhere. Moreover, sometimes sponsors are available to help a family in need get a car for free.

Cars that are in fine running condition can sometimes be donated directly to a family in need, depending on the charity used and the specific situation. Other vehicles are also sold on a case by case basis by charities like Vehicles for Change.

Can I donate a boat, motorcycle, or RV to charity?

In addition to SUVs and trucks, some charities will also accept motorcycles, RVs, and boats or other types of watercraft. These are typically auctioned off and the money used to provide for needy families, as they are not practical for families that need a commuter car.

For many poor families, a car donation can change their lives. Whether by allowing charities the opportunity to provide money to the families in need or by providing them with a car of their own, cars for charity can deliver remarkable benefits to those who receive them.