A VFC Recipient looks forward to greater days

Latoya Matthews, a Baltimore City resident, was awarded a 1997 Honda Accord Lx on April 1st at Vehicles for Change’s 15 year anniversary luncheon.

Prior to receiving her car, Matthews explains that her life was getting better. She just received a promotion at work and also enrolled her 2 year old daughter into school. However, her job was on the other side of the town which made it difficult to accept more hours and longer shifts. As a new manager, Matthews would have to close the building and would not get off until 4:30, but the buses don’t run until 5:30. Therefore, she was not receiving the full benefit of her new position.

In the month that she has had a car, Latoya is now able to work longer hours and her commute has been shortened form 2 hours to 30 minutes. She is also able to participate in more activities such as the PTA, Parent Teachers Association, at her daughter’s school. Her daughter has also benefited from their new vehicle. Matthews explains, “She gets to sleep longer!” The pair had to wake up at 6:30 every day to get to school by 8:30, but now they can sleep longer and have more energy throughout the day. Also, the two are able to spend more time together and go more places. In fact, the interview with Matthews was conducted over the phone before she drove her daughter to a field trip and planned to chaperone!

“Fantastic! The ceremony was beautiful! The program is wonderful!” This is how Matthews describes her experience with VFC. She was overly satisfied with her car, the process and the staff. “Ms. Andrews was a very good coordinator for me”. She expresses that many people have asked about her car and that she would recommend Vehicles for Change to anyone. Congrats Latoya!