Ford Fusion Puts Mom on the Road

Charmaine Simms is a motivated mother who envisions great opportunities for her family. The only thing that stopped her was not having reliable transportation, which put a strain on both her and her one-year-old daughter.
Looking for places for her daughter to go to school was difficult, since most schools seemed too far without a car. Taking her daughter to her doctor’s appointments was also a huge inconvenience. “It’s hard to take my daughter to the doctor at Children’s Hospital and having to bring a stroller onto the bus, and also trying to figure out the bus routes to DC,” Charmaine says.

Public transportation and its erratic schedules caused her commute to work to be more than one hour. With a car, Charmaine’s commute to work could be cut down to 20 minutes. She’ll also be able to take her daughter to the doctor without the stresses of public transportation.

Being awarded a 2006 Ford Fusion has allowed Charmaine to embrace new opportunities. She is able to get a better job and get to and from work with more ease.

She envisions taking her daughter to parks and museums with her new car, and visiting Ocean City.