Mazda Helps With Embracing New Adventures

Johnathin Haman had been without a car for an extended period of time before being awarded a car through the Mazda Drive for Good program. Before owning his car he struggled to find a job and was limited to jobs that were relatively close by to his home. Due to the high cost of public transportation, going to work and going out to places was expensive for Johnathin.

After being awarded his 2000 Acura TL, he is able to do activities that he was not able to do before. He plans on going out to eat, going to amusement parks, movies, sightseeing, and out of town traveling. “I plan on using my car to travel to see family in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, New York, and parts of Maryland,” he says.

Thanks to the partnership of Mazda and Vehicles for Change, Johnathin can finally embrace his love for adventure by driving to Busch Gardens.