SUCCESS STORY: From Full Circle Grad to Business Owner

Would you like to meet Leonardo, one of our graduates from the Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center? Just a few months ago, we had the chance to catch up and hear all about his life after graduation. To hear Leonardo’s story for yourself, click here.

Leonardo graduated from the Full Circle program in 2017 and began his career as a lube technician. Leonardo was a good mechanic, but he had bigger plans for the future. Settling or thinking negatively was never an option for Leonardo and his growing family. Leonardo knew that big risks yield big rewards; so, he chose to open his own trucking business.

Now, Leonardo is running not one but two businesses. After opening his trucking company and working alongside his employees as another driver, he noticed that they frequently delivered bottled water to recording studios. This was a lightbulb moment; he realized he could private label his own bottled water brand. Leonardo researched yet another business idea and found a bottling plant training and employing visually impaired professionals to get his brand off the ground. When Leonardo visited us, we were thrilled to hear about his business ventures. Still, his dedication to support community members through careful business practices warmed our hearts. Leonardo isn’t your average entrepreneur; he’s a forward thinker empowering others.

Leonardo’s story is powerful, and we’re happy to share it. Soon, we’ll be sharing more stories of success among the Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center’s graduates. With an incredible 96% completion rate and 100% of our graduates placed in meaningful careers, you can bet that more triumphant stories are on the way.

The Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center is an employer-driven program serving formerly-incarcerated individuals with a recidivism rate of less than 3% and more than 170 graduates placed in meaningful-careers. In just five years, the program has proven that opportunity and education reduce recidivism and that a second chance is never wasted. Now that we’ve piqued your interest click here to learn more about the Full Circle Auto Repair & Training Center.