Happy Anniversary VFC!

Happy Anniversary VFC!

It seems like we have been in this building our entire life. That is how the VFC team feels when we look back at the past year in our new digs. In August 2012, we were extremely lucky to find what we still think is the perfect location for the VFC program. Our new space houses the car awards program, the used car business and will house the new Academy for Automotive Careers, the VFC automotive training program.

The building was purchased with the assistance of the Harry and Janette Weinberg, The Abell and The France-Merrick Foundations. Owning our own building provides a safe feeling that VFC will be here for years to come, providing transportation to worthy families in the region. But it is also more than that!!

Our first upgrade was building our own garage to repair the donated vehicles that were slated for our worthy families and for our retail lot, Freedom Wheels. This first-class garage employs four auto technicians and a shop coordinator and provides top rate repairs for VFC vehicles. It also allows us a much greater control over costs and quality. But that is still not the end.

For years VFC has hoped to expand its mission to include providing training opportunities for those less-fortunate individuals interested in working one of the many automotive fields. That dream is now a reality with a 33,000 sq ft building and a location that is accessible by public transportation.

The building will also allow VFC to expand its social enterprise endeavors. In conjunction with the Academy, VFC will open a 10,000 sq ft garage that will provide discounted services to the local residents, providing a valuable service to the community and employment opportunities to Academy graduates.
VFC is excited about the future of the program and the value we will bring to our constituents. Our new home is a major part of that future.