Hard Work Pays Off for CAC Trainee James Davis

James Davis believes that there is always room for improvement when it comes to living his life.
Faced with numerous challenges, including incarceration, he realized that although these cards had been dealt to him, it didn’t mean he had to choose to live with this hand.
“If you stay with something for the long term, it’s bound to pay off,” said Davis.
When Davis left prison and reentered society he faced setbacks that essentially took a toll on his positive outlook. Simple tasks such as using the computer and a cellphone became challenging for him.
Recently, Davis has been spending his time finding ways to improve himself and make a difference in society. He believes that you should treat others the way you would want to be treated at all times.
“I like helping people and giving back,” said Davis, “It’s something that we should all do these days.”
This mantra fits nicely with Davis’ work at Vehicles for Change. Since Davis joined the Center for Automotive Career’s (CAC) detailing program he hones his skills by detailing cars that are awarded to families. He believes that other parts of his life are finally coming together as well. Davis is working towards achieving his GED as well as testing for his driver’s license.
Davis has also turned to religion as an outlet to help him build his character. He relies heavily on his study group and is able to relate and walk away with a positive attitude.
“My religion has helped me obtain knowledge and I perform better because of it,” said Davis.
The Academy for Automotive Career’s has helped Davis learn a whole new industry. It has helped him complete quality work and provided him with helpful skills.
In his time participating in the CAC detailing program he has already been able to name equipment and accurately detail vehicles.
“I am excited to learn these skills for potential business after the program is over,” said Davis, “I plan to tell more people about it.”
Davis also provided some helpful wisdom for future cohorts of the Academy for Automotive Careers.
“Don’t slack, listen and learn, take initiative and work hard,” said Davis, “If you have a positive outlook on a situation your chances of producing good quality work is likely.”
Davis believes that giving all of your knowledge and attention to something will pay off in the long run.
“Be responsible, independent and always always always work hard.”