Help Choosing the Best Place to Donate a Car

Have you heard that car donation can be an excellent way to help a family i need AND get maximum return value on your car?It’s true: Donating a car can be a win-win proposition … IF you choose the right organization and procedure.Here are some tips:When deciding on the best place to donate your car, wouldn’t it be nice to find the organization that has a mission that most speaks to you and that will do the most good within your community? Thinking about the impact your car can have locally is always a good place to begin. Contact Vehicles for Change to see if there is a donation center near you.

1. Tax advantages and ease of IRS recognition is another important factor. Make sure the charitable organization is recognized as a tax exempt 501 (c) nonprofit organization. Check the IRS Car Donor’s Guide or contact us for more information. To make sure the tax deduction is as high as possible, get your car appraised multiple times to have an accurate value estimate, and be sure to get a receipt for your donation.

2. Consider donation methods; it is something that can dramatically affect which family gets your car and the size of your tax deduction.

… Some charitable donation agencies will auction your care and sell it to the highest bidder. The money raised from used car auctions can go towards helping one of their other giving programs. Your deduction will depend on the auction price.

… Other agencies will make needed repairs, then sell the vehicle to a family in need for an affordable price. This is the method used by Vehicles for Change. It is a powerful way to help people escape from poverty. Moreover, families can often be sponsored by another agency, enabling them to get a car for free! By providing a family with a means of independent transportation and mobility, you can help others improve their lives. You should always find out how the charity you are speaking with will use your donation, then choose the charity whose methods will have the greatest favorable impact.

3. History of success. It is always safest to choose an established charity with a record of success. You want a longstanding charity with a history and documentation to show their positive impact. Established professionals will be better able to make use your donation for the benefit of those in need.

Make sure you research the car donation charities in your area before making a decision, and find out how your old car will be of the greatest benefit to both you and to those in need. Contact Vehicles for Change to find out more about car donation company and for help making the best decision.