Home for the Holidays

Despite her bright and happy smile, Sabrina has experienced a long, bumpy road full of challenges including having to leave a difficult home life when she was very young, and her younger sister, Marcie, behind.

Sabrina worked as an educator for 30 years before transitioning into a career in healthcare at a hospital in downtown Baltimore. In order to get to-and-from work each day, Sabrina had to rely heavily on friends, neighbors or Transportation Assistance Mobility, a service under Maryland’s Department of Transportation for senior citizens and those with disabilities. Without having her own car, and usually having to work the overnight shift at the hospital, Sabrina has been struggling to get to work on time. Additionally, Sabrina has issues with swelling in her legs that make it difficult for her to stand and wait for public transit, often in high-crime areas where her safety is at risk.

Despite her difficult journey, Sabrina’s story has a happy ending. After 26 years of separation, Sabrina’s sister recognized her in a chance encounter while grocery shopping. With her newly-awarded VFC vehicle, Sabrina is ecstatic to be able to visit her long-lost sister, Marcie, this holiday season.

Sabrina would like to thank VFC and the car donors that will make her holidays even brighter this year. “I would tell my car donor that their sacrifice really makes a difference. They might not know or ever see the impact, but it really does change people’s lives.”