How Maritha Helped Robin Get a Car

Maritha Gay was extremely excited to know that her car donation went to a family in-need. After all, the Mercury Sable had been sitting in her driveway for a significant period of time and her heart’s desire was to be able to help someone else by making the donation. It just makes sense that Gay would want to help people— it’s somewhat of an occupational hazard, especially when your field is healthcare.

As Executive Director of Community Benefits at Kaiser Permanente in Rockville, Maryland, Gay’s job deals directly with the community in order to improve the overall health of disadvantaged people. Gay sees firsthand how people living on fixed budgets, without transportation, are not able to get to the doctor’s office or to make it to their follow-up appointments.  It’s a heartbreaking scenario that she witnesses constantly.

Being familiar with VFC’s mission through Kaiser Permanente’s long-time support of the organization, Gay decided that her job could do more. She made it her mission to arrange for the donation of cars that were not currently being used. The funds generated from those fleet cars would allow repairs to be made for cars that would eventually be awarded to families. Gay explains, “A lack of transportation is a social determinant of health. We especially see that in lower-risk populations. We try to reduce the barrier.” Adding, ‘That’s a barrier to someone obtaining healthcare.”

Whether it’s on the job or in her personal life, it’s clear to see that Gay shows a commitment to better her community by doing what she can to extend a helping hand to others. Because of that commitment, recipient Robin Reeves now has the opportunity to make a better life for her and her family. What a full-circle reward of giving!

Stay tuned to hear Robin’s side of the story!