Stacy Got a Car and You Can Too!

Stacy Booth patiently reviewed every sheet of paperwork while finishing the process of taking the next step to better her future.
Stacy works six days a week and lives less than five miles from her job, but it was costing her almost $200 a week for transportation. “Just to find people to get you to where you need to go was getting expensive.” There isn’t much public transportation coverage in her neighborhood.

After being introduced to Vehicles for Change in August, Stacy, the mother of two and grandmother of an 18 month old, was awarded a 2004 Ford Focus. She stated, “Vehicles for Change is seriously trying to help.” She expressed that having a car would alleviate some of the struggles of handling and traveling to all of her family’s activities along with her granddaughter.

Stacy and her granddaughter will be able to travel in safety and comfort in the oncoming winter months.