Improving Your Gas Mileage

It’s not any secret that gas prices have been on the rise for quite a long time. Follow these helpful tips that can assist in preserving your gas mileage:

Be Sensible: When operating your vehicle, it’s not a good idea to practice aggressive driving. Speeding, acceleration and sudden braking can lower your gas mileage up to 35 percent. Driving cautiously and being smart on the road will not only improve your gas mileage, but it will also save you money and save lives.

Keep Your Car in Shape: If a problem arises with your vehicle or your vehicle fails an emissions test, take the initiative to make the necessary improvements needed. Making improvements can improve gas mileage up to 5 percent.

Consolidate Trips: When running errands, take into account the distances that you are traveling. Multiple trips can use more fuel than one significant trip. Planning trips can ensure travel efficiency and can reduce the distance you travel while saving reducing gas mileage.

Choose Wisely: If you’re interested in purchasing a vehicle, it’s extremely important to take a look at the gas mileage for that specific vehicle. Selecting a vehicle is the most important decision when looking to improve your gas mileage.