Nothing Short Of A Miracle

For Robin Boyd, a dedicated mother from Federalsburg, MD, owning a car is nothing short of a miracle.

Now, she won’t have to spend $100 per week on transportation. When she wants to go to church, she won’t have to rely on the church van. And she won’t have to rely on other people to take her to the grocery store, because she can now complete this simple task with her own car.

“Since I’ve purchased my car, I’ve been able to visit my family in Baltimore,” Boyd said. “I can go wherever I want to without feeling the pressure of being a burden to other people.”

In April 2013, Boyd was awarded a 2001 Intrigue Oldsmobile, which became a blessing to the entire family. Boyd remembers one night when it became evident that living without transportation was affecting other loved ones within her family.

“I recall getting my girls ready for their high school homecoming dance,” Boyd said. “Only to find out that their ride cancelled last minute and they had no one to take them.”

The day Boyd received an email from Vehicles for Change immediately changed her life. She immediately called the number to verify if it was real or a spam message; she couldn’t believe it was real:

“The day that I received an email from VFC, I immediately called the number that was in the email to see if this was real or a spam. I spoke with Nicole Andrews, whom I felt like personally knew me because she was so friendly and personable. Ms. Andrews ensured me that yes, I was being awarded a car through VFC, I was so overwhelmed that I was speechless. Ms. Andrews asked, ‘Ms. Boyd, are you okay?’ I told her yes, and thanked her. After I hung up the phone, I began to cry and praise God because my prayers were being answered.”

On April 9 2013, Boyd attended orientation at Vehicles for Change and met Nicole Andrews. She explained that the atmosphere within the class was an abundance of joy, gratitude and disbelief.

“When Ms. Andrews noticed the tension in the room she said, ‘Tears are welcomed here as long as they are happy tears!’ We all burst into laughter and tears simultaneously.”

To this day, Boyd believes that Vehicles for Change is an awesome program and she still thanks God for impressing upon the hearts of the people to orchestrate and support such an incredible organization.

“To VFC and its sponsors and donors, The Boyd family is eternally grateful and I pray that you all continue to keep up the good work that you guys do. Know that your labor is not in vain, you truly are blessings and changing the lives of many families. When I’m able to purchase a new car, I will be donating my car back to VFC so that I may be a blessing to someone just as someone was a blessing to me!”