Public Transportation Challenges During the Winter Months

winter bus stop

It’s easy to take transportation for granted when you own a car. You wake up in the morning, make your bed, get dressed for work, put on a pot of coffee, scramble some eggs, lock up the house, walk to your car, turn on the engine, and head into work. You don’t even think about your morning route anymore because it’s ingrained into your brain. You listen to your favorite podcast, sip your coffee, and wait for the heat to fill your car as you make your way into the office.

Sure, you may dread the occasional busy day you have ahead of you. Still, ultimately, your morning commute is pretty smooth in the winter months when you compare it to the alternative: public transportation. Unfortunately, in the city of Baltimore, many low-income families don’t have the luxury of owning a vehicle. Instead, many low-income neighborhoods are isolated by a lack of public transportation entirely.

The harsh reality of standing out in the cold creates a hardship for public transit passengers, especially when extreme weather such as snow and icy conditions cause bus delays and cancellations. Even cities with public trains, such as Washington D.C., suffer when snowstorms arrive. Winter weather may cause significant delays during busy commuting hours, making transportation stressful and time-consuming for commuters.

Help Shelter Families from the Effects of Hazardous Winter Conditions

For these reasons, donating your vehicle to a charitable organization like Vehicles for Change not only has the power to change someone’s life by helping them get to and from work but also gives them the means to get to and from work comfortably without the added stress of delays and the discomfort of standing out in the cold for extended periods.

It may sometimes be easy to take essential comforts for granted in economically developed nations such as the United States. However, we should not overlook the struggles of those living just a few blocks away from us. At Vehicles for Change, we believe everyone deserves access to comfortable and safe transportation. For this reason, we are working to serve the 81,000 households in Baltimore City that don’t have access to a car.

But we need your help to make it possible. Because of donors like you, 75% of Baltimore and D.C. locals have been able to get better jobs and increase their earnings to support their families. 100% of families that received a car donation have had the opportunity to attend their children’s sports and after-school activities. There is truly no telling how much your car donation can impact low-income families for the better. A car donation serves as a way to get from Point A to Point B and a means for families to show up for one another in love and support. We believe every parent has a right to presence in their loved ones’ lives.

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If you have a vehicle that you no longer need, consider donating it to Vehicles for Change this season and make someone’s life a little easier. We make the process simple and stress-free! Just follow these three steps:

  1. Complete the donation form
  2. Schedule a pick-up
  3. Hand over the keys, and we will take care of the rest.

Get started today by clicking here to begin the donating process. And thank you for being a part of giving back to this community we all cherish so much.