Three Cheers for Eboni

Eboni Brown lives 45 minutes from her job at Medstar Washington Hospital Center, and previously carpooled every day from her home in Bowie, Maryland. 
As the mother of six children and grandmother of one grandson, Eboni is always busy. When her old car broke down she had to cut down a lot of activities. Her children play football, basketball, and participate on a cheer team. Taking them to out of town games and practice became very difficult.

With her award of a 2004 Mazda 6, Eboni looks forward to being able to watch her kids play sports and cheer. Her new car will also help reduce her commute to work. “I won’t have to carpool anymore, I can get to my appointments and I can do more things with my children,” Eboni said.

Thank’s to Passport Mazda for partnering with us as part of Mazda’s Drive for Good program!

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