Determined to Succeed

Lyndon Rowland has the will and the determination that it takes to succeed. While working full-time as a customer service representative at State Farm Insurance, he’s taken the initiative to enroll himself at Manchester Community College for the fall semester. 
Lyndon’s fortitude is clearly an inheritance from his mother, who recently received her first degree and is now working towards a bachelor’s degree in social services. Although she was driving herself to school and work, she managed to find the time to help her son get where he needed to go, too.

A strong-willed mother and the help of Job Corps allowed Lyndon to gain more structure in his life and that structure is a major stepping stone towards higher education and more career opportunities.

The other stepping stone is his new car. Car ownership allows Lyndon to have a greater sense of independence and self-reliance, and more time to study. Cutting down his 70-minute commute to 15 minutes helps the whole family. “They wouldn’t have to waste time on picking me up and driving me from place to place,” he says. Lyndon is excited to move forward with his life.

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