Time for New Experiences

Asia Pollock has to walk a mile to get to the bus everyday. If she misses the bus, she has to walk even further to catch another one. One time she had to walk from Johns Hopkins to Canton because she missed the bus, having to follow the bus route just in case a bus pulled up.
Asia is a mother to five children with ages ranging from 10-months-old to 13-years-old. It is difficult to get her older children places like the library without a car. She does not want to spend $4 a day on the bus if she does not have to, so they just stay home.

Asia’s new car will allow her to drive to Delaware to visit her kid’s godmother for Christmas. This will be their first time going to Delaware, and she looks forward to finding out where she can and cannot park her very own car. She plans on representing Baltimore by decorating her car with Ravens decorations.