Patience and Determination

Nicole Woodward’s normal commute without a car took 45 minutes. She had to get on the bus at the west side of Detroit to get to the east side for work everyday. Nicole also used public transit to get her two young children, ages 7 and 6, to school as well as day care. She works at a foster care facility and has had difficulty saving up the money for a car.

In February 2016, Vehicles for Change, in partnership with Wayne Metro Community Action Agency, awarded Nicole a 2005 Buick Century.

Vehicle ownership allows Nicole to easily take her children to school and drive herself to and from work every day. Nicole was awarded her car at a local Belle Tire where the vehicle was made road ready. A Belle Tire customer in the Flint area donated the 2005 Buick Century to Vehicles for Change after learning about the program. “Having a car changes my life in an amazing way. I am blessed and want to say thank you.”