Vehicles for Change

Before receiving a 2001 Ford Windstar from Vehicles for Change, Jessica Harlan’s ideal 10 minute drive to work was a two-hour job in itself.
“I would have to leave my house two hours before my shift to make it to daycare to drop my youngest boy off, then I had to walk about two miles to work from the daycare.” After her shift ended, Harlan would have to walk back to the daycare most of the time carrying what groceries she could since she didn’t have access to a vehicle to go to the grocery store.

Now having access to a van that accommodates her family perfectly, not only is she able to shorten her two-hour commute to work to 10 minutes, Harlan was able to seek out a new job that would create a stable living for her and her three children that is only five-minutes from her home. Now, Harlan works with Occupational Enterprises Inc. as the Vehicles for Change agent in Southwest Virginia. No longer living on a HUDD voucher, Harlan is now in the process of buying a home for her and her children.

“I love that I can now help people in the same position I was in. I could never have done any of this without the help I received from Vehicles for Change.” said Harlan.