Vehicles for Change

Heartfelt Words

To Whom It May Concern,

First of all, I would like to thank Matt Stubbs, Katherine and the whole Vehicles for Change organization for the wonderful opportunity in helping me to obtain a vehicle through the program.

In only a little over a month it has truly been a blessing. The vehicle has allowed me the opportunity to drive to and [from] work all on my own – not having to ask for a ride, wait hours for buses in the cold or depend on others (metro included) to make it to work every day, on time. As a result my supervisors are starting to show more trust and faith in me as well as talk about advancement opportunities in the future (as long as I remain self-reliant and dependable of course).

I have also been able to help my kids and their mother in more ways, too. When one of them missed the school bus, I was able to go over there in my car and take her – FELT GREAT! When the other needed a ride to and from school for a whole week (way across town) because his grandmother went out of town on a cruise – I dropped him off in the mornings and his mother picked him up in the evenings. It felt wonderful to me and the children for me to finally be able to get in my car and come to their aid. And like the time when I had to drive all around town with my daughter looking fora science fair board – I’m just glad I was able to do it.

Now, I can look for better paying jobs because I have the transportation to get there. My self-esteem has also been energized and restored. Thank you, Vehicles for Change for allowing this wonderful opportunity to begin the journey towards self-reliance and success.


Ricky Gibson