Vehicles for Change

Slam Dunk

For most, the holidays are a time of joy and celebration. Sadly, for Yasmine’s family, that was not the case. Yasmine is the proud mother of four beautiful children ages 11, 6, and twins, age 4. In November, Yasmine received the devastating news that her oldest daughter was diagnosed with diabetes. Things took another hard turn when in December, Yasmine’s car broke down leaving her family without independent transportation. With work being 10 miles away, Yasmine had to find some way to continue getting to work and her children to school. She began using ride sharing services. Not only was this costly, but the temperatures were dropping below freezing and Yasmine did not want her children to have to continue waiting outside. So, Yasmine took on the extra cost of renting a vehicle to keep her kids out of the cold.

At $30 per day, Yasmine has spent over $1,800 on the car rental alone. With her VFC car award, Yasmine will not only be able to put her hard-earned income to better use, but will once again have the peace of mind in knowing she will have reliable transportation long after the weather warms. With her daughter having doctor’s visits every three months across town and her two older children in basketball, Yasmine is excited to once again have her own transportation. With family being so important to her, Yasmine is looking forward to adding family stickers to the back of her VFC car award. 2018 finally seems like it will be a good year.