More Time For Twins

Meet Angela, she is a hardworking mother of four, one ten-year old, one six-year old, and twins aged three. Her twins have both been diagnosed with autism and need several behavioral, developmental, and doctor’s appointments. Every day, she has to wait for her grandparents to arrive to watch the younger kids before she can head to work. Angela has to either take rides from her mother or pay thirty dollars for an Uber to get to her job located twenty-five miles away. Per week, she estimates spending about one hundred dollars for an Uber. Without any form of reliable transportation, Angela has been unable to attend many of the necessary appointments for her young twins.

With her newly awarded car, Angela can take the twins to receive all of the professional care they need. She is planning a family trip to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. She will also enroll all of her children into summer camp. Her eldest will be able to start football in the fall, and her daughter, cheerleading. Angela also loves the freedom and independence this car award gives her, because she will no longer live on someone else’s time.