VFC Provides a Safer Set of Wheels

For much of Dave Mosley’s life, getting from one place to another has been a challenge. The Glen Burnie resident, who has muscular dystrophy, relies heavily on his motorized wheelchair. Now, with a handicapped-equipped Ford Windstar from VFC, he’s able to go more places, more easily than ever.

While friends and family will be driving the Ford Windstar, the van will help Dave move quickly and safely to and from work and appointments. Dave works at Home Depot, which is two miles away from his home, and previously relied on buses to get around. He often had to leave for work several hours early, since not all buses on this route were able to correctly accommodate his wheelchair. He learned to cancel appointments when it rained, because his wheelchair got stuck in mud.

Dave, in his own words, is a man who “does not take no for an answer.” He recently won a national Home Depot award for extraordinary customer service efforts. Despite many challenges, he has achieved several of the goals he set for himself. Since 2004, he has received his disabled driver’s license, now owns a car and is currently working towards a GED. While the possibilities are limitless, one thing is certain: no matter what goal Dave decides to tackle next, his Ford Windstar will help take him there.