Car Care Tips

Responsible car ownership means more than good driving habits. Read the tips below to learn how to maintain your car, make your ride environmentally friendly and save on gas.

Extend the Life of Your Car

Whether you own a new or used vehicle, regular maintenance is the key to extending the life of your car. Vehicles For Change car experts suggest you follow these tips to keep your car in great shape:

How To Prepare You Car For A Summer Road Trip

  Taking summer road trips is something that we all look forward to during the slow winter months. Although our first instinct is to jump in our cars and begin our trip, sometimes this decision may not benefit us as well as we may think. Before packing up and heading out to your destination, follow … Read more

Winter Car Care Tips

We are almost halfway through February, which means there are only have a few more weeks until spring arrives! Make sure to follow these car care tips to keep your vehicle in top shape for the rest of winter: Check your tire pressure. Air pressure drops in cold temperatures. Under-inflated tires could cause an accident … Read more

Go Green

Currently, vehicles contribute to approximately 20 percent of greenhouse gasses in the US. While owning a car is necessary for most of us, there are many ways in which we can make our drive environmentally responsible.

Save Money and Help the Environment

Guest Author: Brian England, Founder of British American Auto Care In the past we all drove our cars without a second thought to gas costs or the environment. Today, it’s a different story.  Gas prices make us think twice, as should the harm we are causing to the environment by producing green house gases. How … Read more

Change Your Driving Patterns

A shift in your driving patterns will help you increase your fuel economy.

Improve Gas Mileage, Save Money

Regular car maintenance and prudent driving practices can improve your gas mileage and save money.

Improving Your Gas Mileage

It’s not any secret that gas prices have been on the rise for quite a long time. Follow these helpful tips that can assist in preserving your gas mileage: Be Sensible: When operating your vehicle, it’s not a good idea to practice aggressive driving. Speeding, acceleration and sudden braking can lower your gas mileage up … Read more

Spending Too Much on Gas? Increase Your Fuel Economy

Gas-Saving Tips from British American Auto Care: Hybrid Vehicles: If you are looking to buy a new vehicle, consider a hybrid vehicle, which uses alternate fuels to help power the vehicle. Hybrid vehicles may cost a little more, but the savings in fuel will easily cover the additional cost. Plus, you will be driving a “green” vehicle, which … Read more

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