20 for 20 Recipient | Aleeseea Jones

Ms. Aleeseea Jones, 19, has called Grantsville, Maryland home for the past three to four years but spends a great deal of time in Lynchburg, Virginia. What’s she up to in Virginia you might ask? She’s studying Social Work with a minor in Vocal Performance at Liberty University!

Ms. Jones currently works at Wal-Mart as a cashier and self-checkout assistant where she enjoys talking to the stores diverse customer base, saying “There’s all kinds of people who work at Walmart, but most are pretty cool.” To get to work in Grantsville, which doesn’t have any public transportation options, Ms. Jones must ask her family members to give her a lift. Scheduling a ride to work can be so challenging!

“Being 19 and not having a car, I feel like I’ve always been late in life.” Well, Ms. Jones won’t be late too much of anything after “20 for 20,” where she will be awarded her first car ever! After she gets behind the wheel, she plans to head straight home to rest up after an exciting day. After that, you might find her on her way to work, or driving up to Franklin, Pennsylvania for a camping trip.

There’s no way to tell exactly what the future holds for Ms. Jones. Maybe she’ll finish up her degree and then making it big in the music industry, maybe she’ll get a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Either way, you can bet she’ll be singing her heart out on the road to success. For now, Ms. Jones leaves us with some kind and thoughtful words for our friends at Heritage | Mile One Autogroup, “Thank you, I really appreciate your kindness and generosity. It’s not like car dealerships give away things for free all the time!”