20 for 20 Recipient | Dajuah McGould

Ms. Dajuah McDougald, mother to one son, will be one of our vehicle recipients at “20 for 20,” presented by Heritage | MileOne Autogroup and Vehicles for Change on June 24! She is originally from Baltimore City, but moved to Baltimore Count two years ago. So far, she’s loving it.

The hospital environment is Ms. McDougald’s calling. She currently works in Environmental Services at Johns Hopkins but plans on continuing her education by studying Medical Bill & Coding. Ms. McDougald is looking forward to working her way up the ladder at work, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made it a challenge without personal transportation. Though public transportation is available in her area, the bus stop nearest her home is too far of a walk when caring for her 11-month-old, Carter. “It’s been really hectic. Sometimes I pay friends, Lyft or Uber to get me to work, or I just call out of work.” Each working day, Ms. McDougald must call four Ubers or Lyfts to get her son to daycare, herself to work, and both of them home in the evening.

The vehicle Ms. McDougald will receive at “20 for 20” will be an important tool while she chases her future success. “I feel really grateful and I’m really appreciative. It helps out with our situation and me going back to work. I don’t have to worry about just getting around to daycare, to doctors’ appointments.”

After “20 for 20” Ms. McDougald is looking forward to getting back to work and furthering her education, but she’s focusing more on the amount of time she will get to spend with her son. Commuting without personal transportation takes a long time; Ms. McDougald put it best: “I don’t have that much time in the day!”

Ms. McDougald found Vehicles for Change thanks to a referral from Lighthouse Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting Maryland’s youth, individuals, and families through counselling services.

To Heritage | MileOne Autogroup, who donated all 20 vehicles for the “20 for 20” event, Ms. McDougald would like to say that she is thankful. “They’re helping me and I’m forever grateful. It is amazing; they’re actually helping families in with every aspect of life. Having a car can solve so much!”