20 for 20 Recipient | Tiffany Thompson

Ms. Tiffany Thompson will be one of 20 people receiving an awarded vehicle at Heritage | MileOne Auto Group and Vehicles for Change’s “20 for 20” scheduled for June 24th! Ms. Thompson has recently moved to Dundalk, Maryland. So far, her family is enjoying the new neighborhood.

Ms. Thompson is an accomplished professional with two Bachelor’s Degrees and nine years of experience working as a nurse. Two years ago, she found her calling as a homecare nurse, “Being in people environments, sometimes you can reach them better… a few times a week you can kind of guide them and see success in what you taught them.

In a post-COVID world, one where her car was totaled when another driver struck her vehicle, Ms. Thompson and her family had to find a way to get around in a town without public transportation. Utilizing her stimulus check and money given to her by a family member, Ms. Thompson rented a car and kept moving forward, “I picked up a few patients here and there, but the rental, of course, gets expensive.”

When the bill for the rental car reached $1,000, Ms. Thompson decided enough was enough and reached out to Vehicles for Change. Now, she is just days away from being awarded a vehicle at 20 for 20! “This vehicle would mean me getting back into the workforce. This vehicle will help me make sure my son gets to a decent daycare. I just don’t want to put him in any place, this car allows me to take him as far as I need to make sure he’s safe.” For Ms. Thompson, this vehicle also means peace of mind as she sails through her studies at Walden University, where she will complete her Master’s Degree by the end of 2021.