20 for 20 Recipient | Desvin Gabiddon

Mr. Desvin Gabbidon is a reserved man, but he’s having a hard time containing his excitement when it comes to Heritage | MileOne Autogroup and Vehicles for Change’s “20 for 20!”

Currently residing in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, Mr. Gabbidon works as an Overnight Security Guard at a hospital. Working security at a hospital is an interesting job that comes with a lot of stories to tell, “I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to.” Mr. Gabbidon said after a particularly silly story he told us there at Vehicles for Change.

So, how is Mr. Gabbidon getting to work currently? Well, Upper Marlboro, Maryland doesn’t have public transportation that runs after 6:00 pm which forced Mr. Gabbidon to either catch a ride from friends or an Uber. Each trip he has to take to work via Uber costs him $35, costing him about $70 each day round trip. Soon, Mr. Gabbidon will be able to hop in his own car and take that 30-minute drive to work himself.

Mr. Gabbidon is not one to yell and cheer, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t looking forward to his own set of wheels. When asked what this vehicle means to him he said, “Honestly and truly, it means keeping a little bit of money in my pocket. To be able to do something for myself and not rely so much on other people. The independence is not lost on me.”  He also has some kind words for our friends at Heritage |MileOne Autogroup, “First off, thank you. I’m grateful that you provided this opportunity.”

The future is looking bright for Mr. Gabbidon, and he can’t wait to get a move on! With keys in hand, he’ll be looking for more opportunities in his career and considering going back to school. Ultimately, Mr. Gabbidon hopes to open his own business. As for the short term, the first place Mr. Gabbidon is headed will be his aunt’s house, to show off his new vehicle and celebrate with her and his cousins.