Reasons to Donate Your Vehicle

Donating a car to Vehicles for Change supports the advancement of your community and forever changes the lives of generations of families who need personal transportation. If you have a car suitable for donation and want to know more about being a VFC Superhero, you’ve come to the right place. There are many reasons to donate your vehicle! Here are just a few:

Photo caption: Change makers like Peter and Patricia Zahn have recently made their third donation and even purchased a car through Vehicles for Change. Donate to vehicles for change and be a change agent.

Reasons to Donate Your Vehicle

Satisfaction Not Stress
Avoid the stress and major hassle of selling your vehicle. Make the selling process convenient and meaningful to you by donating your car. Vehicles for Change will ensure your vehicle is donated to a deserving family. All you have to do is decide to be the donating superhero.

No More Repairs!
Repairs are very expensive. Instead, donate your car to Vehicles for Change and you won’t have to worry about making repairs or keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance. Plus, no more insurance on your unwanted car! Change a family’s life and make a difference by choosing to donate. Donating a car to charity can still be financially beneficial to you even if your car requires major repairs.

Car Donations Are Tax Deductible.
There is no better way to help a family AND earn a tax-deduction. Per IRS regulations, a tax receipt, which contains the value of the donor’s tax deduction, is sent to the donor after their vehicle has been processed. As a complimentary service, VFC also provides a 1098c for all donations, except those that sell for under $500. If the donated car is awarded to a family, a tax receipt will be sent within 30 days of the car’s pickup date. If the donated car is sent to auction or sold on our retail lot, a tax receipt will be sent within 30 days of the date of auction or sale.

Free Car Tow Service
You don’t have to worry about the large tow truck fees when you choose a car donation with VFC. Within one business day of receiving a confirmation email from our Towing Coordinator, you will be contacted by our towing service to schedule a free pick-up of the vehicle. We do all the heavy lifting and you make all the difference.

Donation = Doing Good for the Nation

It feels so good to give. Your car donation also impacts members of your own community. There is no better feeling than positively impacting someone’s life. You have the capability to make a family’s life easier with your donation. Help Vehicles of Change satisfy the needs of the community and continue to make a change!