A Set of Keys Provides Mother with Freedom

Keona Jones, a mother of four, looks forward to her newfound freedom now that she is the owner of a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan.

Relying on public transportation was not easy for Jones. “The most difficult aspect of not having a car was spending a lot of money on rides to work and not being able to put my kids in after school activities. Now I will be able to maintain employment, advance my employment opportunities and sign my children up for more activities.”

Jones is looking forward to providing her family with more. “Before finding Vehicles for Change, life without a car was a challenge. I was unable to put my babies in daycare which caused me to lose my job. Getting places was a hassle because the buses only run once every hour. Now that I have a car I am less stressed and I can do more. I am very thankful for this program.” A car donation from Vehicles for Change has empowered Jones with the freedom necessary to change her life.