Aging Out of Foster Care

Cheree has been in the foster care system since she was 15-years-old. Now that she is approaching 21, she will soon be on her own. She works at Chick-fil-A in the BWI airport. To get to work, she takes a 30-minute bus ride, but her commute will become more challenging as she moves out of her foster home. Arriving to work on time and keeping her job is extremely important because, not only does she have to support herself, but she also has to support her 2-year-old son. Without a car, Cheree worries for her and her son’s future outside of the foster care system. Cheree’s older sister, who recently aged out of foster care, is unemployed, homeless and in desperate need of help. Her sister cannot keep a job because of her lack of transportation, which has perpetuated the cycle of homelessness. Cheree wants to help her sister get back on her feet, but without a car of her own, she cannot.
This car award is important to Cheree and will help her start her life outside of the system. She will no longer have to worry about transportation, possibly losing her job and becoming homeless like many people who’ve aged out of foster care. Cheree is looking beyond a job in fast food and this car will help her start a career. She will also help her homeless sister by driving her to work and helping her maintain employment. With her VFC car, Cheree is excited to take her son to the park, to the beach, and to visit family.