Getting to the Doctor

Armine is a dedicated mother of two boys who recently emigrated from Armenia. She works as a home health aide and without a car, her life is extremely difficult. She must travel to different locations to see clients and it takes her three hours to travel to her job. Armine would like to work more hours, but this is not possible without a faster mode of transportation. But, the biggest struggle for Armine is dealing with her four-year-old son’s autism and epilepsy without reliable transportation. Due to his disability, she often has to carry him or push him in a stroller along with her two-year-old. Walking far distances with her two sons in her arms has caused joint pain. Taking her son to the doctor is challenging as well. He goes to many different doctors that aren’t always accessible by public transport, so he will often be late to or miss his important appointments.
With this car award from Mazda and Vehicles for Change, Armine’s life will be changed. She will no longer have to spend three hours a day on public transportation and will be able to make more money. She will no longer have to carry her sons around or take long walks to simply get groceries, which will alleviate her joint pain. Her children’s lives will be improved as well. Her autistic son will never have to miss a doctor’s appointment. Armine can’t wait to take them to the pool, which is her four-year-old’s favorite activity. Armine is extremely excited to receive her VFC car!