Angel Drives Towards Her Future

Angel Brent is an energetic, young mom that has a vision for her future. She works full-time as a restaurant server while attending school part-time, studying hospitality management, and taking care of her one-year-old son Austyn.Angel makes a two-hour commute in the mornings: riding the Metro from Landover, getting off to take her son to daycare and getting back on to finally arrive at work in Arlington, Virginia. Schedules can be unpredictable as a server, so she often misses the last train home and has to get a ride. “After a long day at work, the last thing you want to think about is riding the Metro.” Owning a car means that her commute is cut down to about 30 minutes. Angel will also have an easier time getting her son to medical appointments to help improve his asthma.What Angel looks forward to most is spending time with her family, moving forward with her education and finding a job with more stability. She plans to pay it forward by offering her other coworkers rides home and finding more ways to provide service to others.

“It feels so good to have everything fall right into place,” says Angel while getting in to her bright blue, 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt.