Making Baseball Dreams Come True

Latisha Curtis leaves her home at night and takes three buses to get to her night job. With her car, the 90 minutes commute can be cut down to a 20 minutes drive. She’s looking forward to her night travels being safer and much less unnerving.

Thanks to our partnership with #MazdaDrive4Good program, she will be able to indulge in her seven-year-old son’s new found interest in baseball. Latisha hesitated to include Cory in sports and other after-school activities because most activities aren’t very accessible without a car. Now, she can even consider a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.If Latisha could drive anywhere, she’d take a trip back to her hometown of Oklahoma. She hasn’t visited in 13 years.

“It’s definitely going to be a boy. Maybe Billy,” she says when asked about naming her car.