Give Back this Holiday Season: Make a Car Donation in Someone’s Name

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What Does it Mean to Make a Donation in Someone’s Name?

Donating in someone’s name is as simple and thoughtful as it sounds. You’re giving to a charitable foundation with someone special in mind. While the donation won’t come from the person you’re gifting it to, their name will be connected with it.

Donating in honor of a loved one is a great tribute to that person. Whether you’re donating on behalf of someone as a way of gifting uniquely, or you’re donating in memory of a family member who has passed, you are contributing factor to their legacies.

Typically, charities will provide options for how to best display a donation plaque or letter. Some examples you may consider are:

  • In honor of…
  • As a tribute to…
  • In recognition of…
  • In veneration of…
  • On behalf of…
  • In memory of…

Regardless of how you decide to present your gift to your family member or friend, they will feel honored to have received something so extraordinary.

Deciding Where to Donate

Determining where to make a donation in someone’s name is the most important factor associated with this type of gift. When selecting a charity to associate with your loved one, keep these key tips in mind:

  • Think about their previous volunteer Do they have a favorite charity? Do they love helping those in need? Do they enjoy taking care of animals?
  • Think about their passions. Is taking care of the environment important to them? Are they passionate about caring for our veterans?
  • Consider issues they have been personally impacted by. Perhaps they had a loved one who was affected by cancer. Donating to a cancer research center would be a considerate option.

Vehicles for Change is a great organization to consider when determining where to make a donation in someone’s name, especially if the gift recipient would rather help a family in need over receiving a material present.

Benefits of Donating in Honor of Someone

While donating in a loved one’s name may not be the best gift for everyone, there are many great benefits to this type of gift giving if you know the recipient is a good fit. Here are a few advantages:

  • You are contributing to their legacy.
  • You are giving them something meaningful that can’t be taken from them.
  • You are supporting a good cause
  • You help a family or someone in need, like when you donate a car to a Vehicles for Change family.

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This holiday season, give the gift that goes a little further — the gift of transportation. December is Car Donation Month. If you have a vehicle you’d like to donate in someone’s name, we know plenty of deserving families and would be honored to help. Donate your tax-deductible vehicle to a family in need with three simple steps.