Is Donating a Car to Charity Worth It in 2021?

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Is Donating a Car to Charity Worth It in 2021?

Life has looked a little different the last year and a half. You’ve probably traveled less and commuted less frequently while your car has sat parked in the driveway. The Covid-19 pandemic forced us all to experience life a little differently. In fact, these changes prompted many Americans to sell, trade and donate their cars, opting for carpools or ride shares with family members, or downsizing and forgoing a few extra car payments.

Why Donate Your Car in 2021?

You may be questioning the benefits of donating your car in 2021. Although there are many, one of the primary reason’s donors give their car is for the unique tax advantage you receive with Vehicles for Change (VFC). We’re not only skilled in working with worthy car recipients, but our team also excels in helping you maximize your potential tax write off. 99 percent of U.S. charities use donated cars for revenue only and send vehicles to auction, sight unseen. Because of our unique mission, IRS regulations allow many VFC donors to claim the full fair market value of their car, when awarded to a family—the maximum permitted by law. That means VFC and your donated vehicle goes the extra mile not only for your community, but for you too. And that’s something you can’t get anywhere else– it’s just one of the many ways we say “thank you” to our donors for their contribution to their community.

Deduct Your Charitable Donation

Donations provide community members opportunity.

There’s no better feeling than giving a helping hand to someone in need, especially after the year we’ve had. Whether it’s a single mom who walks 10 miles to work, neighbor, or veteran, your donation impacts someone in need who lives within your community. Read for yourself how your donated car can change someone’s life like Rebecca.

We make it easy to donate.

At Vehicles for Change, we make it easy for you to donate your car in three easy steps. We’ll ensure your car is donated to someone in need. Our tow team will arrange a tow truck to pick up your donated car, at no cost to you. All donations are tax deductible, and we provide the paperwork for you to submit. We make it easy to make a difference in someone’s life, so why not act today?

Donate Today in three easy steps.