One Benefit of Car Donation: Helping Another Family

One huge benefit of donating your car to Vehicles for Change (VFC) is that your donated vehicle will always have an impact on a low-income family, regardless of the car’s condition.

Donated vehicles that can provide another two years/24,000 miles of service are awarded to low-income families.

Luxury vehicles and vehicles that need a major repair (such as a new transmission), but are otherwise in good condition, are sold on VFC’s retail lot, Freedom Wheels. Proceeds allow us to prepare suitable vehicles for more families.

A donated car that doesn’t meet our reliability standards and wouldn’t be cost-effective to improve is sent to auction. After being reviewed by a Vehicles for Change staff member, this car is spruced up and may receive minor repairs, if necessary, to maximize its value. One of several auction partners is selected to achieve the greatest selling price; in many cases we assign a minimum bid to the car.If a car is sent to auction, 100% of the proceeds are used to repair vehicles for low-income families.