Vehicles for Change Core Values

The core values that guide Vehicles for Change:

  • Integrity: Being ethically unyielding, honest, inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.
  • Mission Driven: There is no better job in the world than one that provides a valuable service for our fellow man. Everything we do, each and every day is driven by the mission of VFC.
  • Family: VFC has been and will continue to be incredibly successful because we work together, meeting the needs of our colleagues. VFC will strive to continue to meet the needs of the team as the team strives to meet the needs of each other. As a family, we look out for each other, have each other’s back, never criticize in a negative way and push each other to be the best! We are compassionate towards everyone we encounter, inside and outside of the office.
  • Pride: It is our goal to have the best and brightest be a part of the VFC team. A group that believes that what we do is not only having an impact on our families but also on our communities.  When we leave each day, when we speak of our work, when we mention VFC our chests should be big and head held high!
  • POS (Positively Outrageous Service): There are a number of groups we serve on any given day: recipients, donors, volunteers, funders, sponsoring agencies and each other. Every group deserves the very best service! Treat each as they are the most important person in the world – YOURSELF! Every team member is empowered to “make it better” for one of our constituents.
  • Innovation: Change is a good thing! It is vital that we continue to evolve the organization to grow stronger and more efficient. Each team member is empowered to discover new ways that VFC can better serve our customers, increase our productivity and secure our future growth.
  • The “ME”: For a team to have any chance of success, individuals must take the first step. Each staff member must commit to the team and to themselves. What is your responsibility? Bring your best to work, every day. Hold yourself and others accountable for bringing your best and being a team player. Develop personally and professionally, and have fun doing it