Which Charity is Best to Donate a Car to?

There is an overabundance of options regarding charities that accept car donations in Maryland, so how do you know which which charity is best to donate a car this year for you? The simple answer is: it depends. The best organization for you to donate your vehicle to may be different from the best organization for your neighbor’s donation. We all have different values, and one charity’s mission may reflect your priorities more than another’s. In this blog, we will explore essential questions to ask yourself to choose the best charity for your car donation.

Here are 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Donating to an Organization

  1. Can the charity clearly define their mission? When choosing which charity to donate your car to, do you know what they do with the car donations they receive? How are they giving back to the community? How much of the proceeds go directly to helping those in need? What inspired them to create the charity in the first place? Usually, you can answer these questions if a charity has a clear mission defined.
  2. Has the charity achieved their goals? Are there statistics that show how many families they’ve been able to help with car donations? Are there specific details on the charity’s website that walk you through the impact they’ve been able to make since they started? You want to ensure that the charity you choose is doing the work it is setting out to do. While we want to believe every charity is doing big things to improve the community, it’s essential to research and hold each organization accountable.
  3. Does the charity align with your values? What sets these charities apart is often the values they put at the forefront of their mission and work. For example, Vehicles for Change awards cars to families in need, helping them commute to better-paying jobs and be more present to their loved ones. We also train formerly-incarcerated citizens to become skilled auto mechanics: a vital part of our mission. Statistics show that access to resources and work to get back on their feet significantly influences the likelihood of a citizen re-entering the prison system. Therefore, a charity like Vehicles for Change may stand out to you if you are someone who feels passionate about helping returning citizens get a second chance at a better life. Find the charity that most aligns with your values and learn more about their car donation process.

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