“You All Are Granting Wishes”

Brandi Scott couldn’t stop smiling – on Tuesday, March 19, 2013, the Charles County mother of three received a Subaru Forester from Vehicles for Change.

“You all are granting wishes, giving miracles to each person who comes through here,” Scott said, beaming and wiping away tears.Scott, who works for the Family Investment Program at St. Mary’s Department of Social Services, had to take 4 buses to get to work each day. She recently had to turn down a supervisor position at her work because she did not have car.”When I heard that I was getting a car, the first thing I thought is that I don’t have to stand in the cold or rain for hours, waiting for the bus anymore,” said Scott, “I don’t have to pick up the kids after 7 pm….I can’t begin to say, this is truly a blessing.”

Scott found the VFC car award program through her own online research. After calling VFC, she learned that she qualified to receive a vehicle through the Maryland Transportation Assistance Program.

“I had a lot of advocates,” said Scott, “My family members helped and VFC’s Steve [Sullivan] told me to hang in there. He kept pushing for me to get a car.”

Scott was planning on surprising her three children with the vehicle by picking them up from school.

“My oldest son wanted to play football – and he couldn’t before, because we didn’t have a car – but now he can!” said Scott, “He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m taking him to weight training practice tonight!”