End of Summer Road Trips

Father with child in car on road trip

As the summer draws to a close and the return to school quickly approaches, families want to soak up their last few moments together. Perhaps one of the best ways to make the most of the time together is local road trips. With so much to see and do in Maryland, you won’t have to travel far for laughter, excitement, and fun.

Road Trip Destinations in Maryland

Visit Maryland compiled a list of fifteen amazing things you’ll see on a Maryland road trip including the infamous Bromo-Seltzer Tower, Ocean City mileage sign, and Patuxent Wine Trail, but there’s so much more to see and do that you can add into your family’s list of favorites. Don’t forget to research seasonally-friendly activities! If your road trip dips into the cooler fall months, check out this Washington Post article about the most scenic stops in Maryland during the fall.

If you’re ready to make your list, gather your loved ones and follow these simple steps.

How to Plan Your Road Trip

  1. Have each person in your family select one or two places of interest in Maryland. These will become your stopping points!
  2. Put each destination in a list and enter them in a map like MapQuest or Google Maps.
  3. Organize each stop geographically by county or highway traveled. Group the closest stops together to maximize your time together and mileage.
  4. Determine the length of your road trip. Will you be weekend warriors? Or is it just a day trip returning home that evening?
  5. Select your final locations and build out your road trip timeline. Vote as a family to narrow down your selections if needed. Don’t worry if you have too many… That means you’ve already started working on your list for your next road trip!
  6. Task your kids with coming up with entertaining car games. Will you shout “yellow car” every time you see a yellow car? Are you searching for license plates from every state throughout your trip?
  7. Charge up your camera, gas up the car, and get going! You have memories to make. Safety first too – don’t forget to buckle up.

Road Trip Bonus!

Add a community service-oriented stop. If you are considering donating your vehicle, allow your kids to be there for the drop-off. We’d love to talk to them about how with your help, VFC changes the lives of families in Maryland just like yours. And, there’s no better way to spend time as a family than doing something good for others. Not only will it help your community, but it will teach your children important values such as accountability and empathy for others. Two of the seven values that Parents say all children should know by the age of seven.

Car Donation Spotlight: Daniel Iver’s Story

Meet Daniel Iver, a single father of three and a Vehicles for Change car recipient from Glen Burnie, Maryland. As an automotive service professional, Daniel understands the importance of owning a vehicle as well as how to take care of one. Before getting his own set of wheels, Daniel was taking the bus, using shared-ride services, and asking friends for rides to work. When asked what leisurely activities Daniel was most looking forward to with his new wheels, he said taking a road trip to amusement parks with his family. Did Daniel just give you another destination idea to add to your road trip?!

Donate Today

We’d be honored to be part of your family’s road trip stop or part of your charitable donation plans for this year. There are many benefits of donating your car to Vehicles for Change such as the tax deductions and convenience of working with VFC, but perhaps the best benefit is the happiness you’ll feel from helping someone in need. Donating your vehicle not only helps community members like Daniel commute to and from work, but it helps their entire family experience and makes new memories such as summer road trips and days at amusement parks. You can help your community and families like the Ivers by donating your car in these three easy steps.